Lock maintenance is required for your security to do its best job of protecting you and your property. But what kind of lock maintenance do you require? Is there anything else to know besides how to clean door locks?

After reading this blog, you will understand how to keep your locks in good working order. And, if you have any further questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section.

  1. Realign Lock

If your lock isn’t opening or locking smoothly, it’s most likely due to a misalignment of the latch bolt and strike plate. In this case, lock maintenance is required in the form of a realignment. Although this is technically lock maintenance, it will also enhance front door security.Contacting a reliable Locksmith Services in Wheat Ridge would be helpful.

  1. Adjust Door

Your stuck door will cause the same issues like a misaligned lock. However, because the door is catching on the frame, standard lock maintenance will not suffice. Instead of concentrating on the lock, you will direct your attention to the door.

  1. Unblock Lock

Are you working with a new lock? Dust and debris can clog the internal components of a door lock and prevent it from working properly in some cases. This could be a build-up in the keyway, the bolt/latch crevices, or even deeper in the lock. Call Denver Locksmith Services for lock repair or maintenance.

  1. Remove Rust

When most people think of lock maintenance, they probably think of rust removal. You can treat and prevent rust with lock maintenance, but the best method will depend on how much rust you have.

  1. Prevent Freezing

Locks that have frozen are a regional concern, but locks can also freeze if your community experiences freezing temperatures.It is more common to deal with a frozen car door than an iced-over door lock, but it does happen. You can clear and prevent ice with lock maintenance.

  1. Replace Key

With repeated use, a troublesome key can cause damage to your lock. Worn keys do not function properly, causing users to over-torque and jiggle the key. This puts undue strain on the lock and can result in both the key and the lock breaking.

Final word

If you can reduce the stress on your lock, you can extend its life and improve its security. Don’t let rust or ice build-up. Furthermore, do not continue to use a lock that has become more difficult to lock and unlock. Address these issues as they arise and before they cause harm. Call us at 720.372.8577! Email us at info@bs-locksmith.com.