Many things can be done to improve security, such as installing an alarm system, but your home isn’t secure unless you have and use working deadbolt locks. A quality deadbolt installed by Locksmith Services in Aurora, CO delivers exceptional value, reliability, and durability. It provides unparalleled security against break-ins and is extremely easy to use, making it an excellent choice for both homeowners and businesses.

Keeping Your Property Safe 

Because they provide a more secure means of locking doors than other locks on the market, deadbolts play an important role in property security. Because of their unique locking mechanisms, these locks are much more difficult for criminals and burglars to bypass. With a Lock and Dead Bolt Installation in Denver on the doors, you can decrease the ease of access to your property, and thieves will choose an easier target.

Why Deadbolts Are So Effective

We’ve sold and installed countless deadbolts to both residential and commercial clients at BS Locksmith LLC because deadbolts provide a strong, mechanical deterrent against break-ins and intruders.

The reinforced steel bolt of a deadbolt lock passes through both the metal strike plate and the solid door jamb of the door frame when it is extended. This makes the deadbolt extremely strong and resistant to being kicked in or forced open, as opposed to a simple locking door handle, which can be easily forced open.

Different Kinds of Deadbolts 

The quality, style, and locking options of deadbolt locks vary. While traditional deadbolts require a standard key to open and lock, consumers can also find battery-powered key-less entry deadbolts and combination key-less-keyed entry deadbolts. With so many options, it’s important to understand the differences between deadbolts in order to select the best deadbolt for your property.

The most common type of deadbolt used by homeowners is a single-cylinder deadbolt. When the lock is engaged, a key is required to retract the deadbolt. Single-cylinder deadbolts have an exterior keyhole through which a key is inserted to throw or retract the deadbolt. The thumb turn on the inside allows you to lock and unlock the deadbolt.

A keyed cylinder is located on both sides of a double cylinder deadbolt. Except for the absence of a thumb turn, double-cylinder systems operate in the same way as single-cylinder models. Instead, a key is used to unlock and lock the door on either side. Many homeowners prefer this type if their door has glass panels because it prevents intruders from breaking through the glass and opening the lock.

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