Businesses are always vulnerable to break-ins and theft. As a result, many business owners will change their locks after only a few weeks. You may agree with that idea, but how frequently you should change the locks on your company building is determined by your business needs. Also, If you are looking for Business Lockout Services in Lakewood, call BS Locksmith LLC.

The following are our recommendations for how frequently you should change your locks to keep your business secure.

Reasons to Change Your Locks Right Away 

There are times when changing your business locks immediately is required.

  1. You have no idea when the locks were last changed.

If you are a new occupant of a facility and are unsure when the locks were last changed, or if you have not changed your locks in over a year, changing the locks is a good idea. If your company receives a high volume of vendors, visitors, or has a high employee turnover rate, you should change the locks at least once a year to ensure safety and security.

  1. Your Business is Property Rental

If you are in the property rental business, you will notice that you must change the locks on a regular basis. Many businesses consider electronic keyless entry, such as keypads or biometric entry, for short-term rentals to secure your rental. If you are renting out a long-term commercial or residential space, you may be subject to key change laws. Having Commercial Locksmith Services In Arvada on hand will help you out no matter your circumstance.

  1. You Have Moved To a New Building

If you purchase a new home, you should change the locks as soon as you take possession. Because moving is such a stressful experience, it is easy to overlook this step. However, your company will not be secure until you do so.

  1. Keys Have Gone Missing

If you or one of your employees has misplaced your company’s keys, you must change your locks as soon as possible. Because there is no way of knowing what happened to your keys—they could have been stolen or dropped somewhere and discovered by someone who knows where they belong.

When Should You Change Your Business’s Locks?

When deciding on a frequency for changing your locks, there are several factors to consider. These include the size of your company, how frequently you move employees through the building, and even how many keys there are for each lock on each door. It will also include the type of business or service. If you’re not sure how often you should change your locks, get in touch with a BS Locksmith LLC.

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