The locks on the doors of our homes and workplaces provide security and peace of mind. But what if the key or the lock isn’t working? To start, ensure that you have the correct key. It may appear absurd, but it’s a common blunder. If a key won’t turn in a door lock cylinder, it could be due to dirt or dust in the cylinder. One of the problems with a door lock that won’t turn at all could be the mechanism. Call Denver Locksmith Services to get your door lock fixed as possible.


The cylinder contains dirt or dust.

It’s possible that the key won’t turn in the door lock because the pins have become partially raised due to dirt or dust in the cylinder. If this is the case, there may be a simple solution. To get the lubricant to work, spray dry lubricant into the keyway and then insert the key a few times.

The lock is frozen.

Unless you live in Florida, you are likely to experience freezing temperatures during the winter months. If your door lock won’t turn, it could be frozen. You can try using a warm key to thaw the lock.

Professional Solutions

We’ve mentioned a few do-it-yourself options, but if the solution isn’t straightforward, you should contact a locksmith. We also provide Lock and Dead Bolt Installation in Denver at the best prices.

Here are some examples:

Even though the key is brand new, it does not work.

If you have a new key that you can insert but not turn, it’s likely that it was cut incorrectly. To avoid such issues, always hire a reputable locksmith. A professional locksmith can cut a new key or investigate and come up with a solution if there is a more serious problem than the way a key is cut.

The key only goes in partway.

If this is the case and lubrication isn’t working, it’s possible that something is blocking it. There could also be a corroded pin or a worn-out pin chamber. To avoid further damage to the lock, these are issues that should be left to a locksmith.

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