It occurs at the most inconvenient of times. You have an urgent need to get somewhere, but the garage door is locked and you can’t get your car out. Is the garage door opener malfunctioning? Have you misplaced your spare keys? What if your garage door is damaged?

These are excellent questions, and you’ll need an answer right away. Take a look at the tips and tricks we have for unlocking a garage door down below. If the problem turns out to be too complex for a DIY fix, then call BS Locksmith LLC. We are one of the mostreputable Residential Locksmith Services In Aurora.

Is The Garage Door Lock Broken?

It’s a little more difficult to get around a broken lock than it is to get around a power outage or a jammed garage door track. You might be able to get back into your garage without causing too much damage to your door, depending on the tools you have on hand. Padlocks can be cut and removed with bolt cutters if you have them.

This step may not be possible if you have anti-burglary devices installed or if you don’t have bolt cutters on hand. Attempting to remove a broken lock from your garage door can result in significant damage. Before harming your property or yourself, give us a call BS Locksmith LLC. We also provide House Lockout Services in Loveland at the most reasonable prices.

Is The Garage Door Motor Broken?

So you’ve just arrived home in the middle of a thunderstorm and don’t want to get out of the car until you’re safely inside the garage. However, there is one flaw. The garage door isn’t going to open! It’s possible that the power has gone out. It’s possible that you’ll have to manually open the door. Make sure the garage door track isn’t stuck or jammed by anything else before proceeding. Pull-on the manual release cord when you find it. The door should open without difficulty right away.

Alternate Entrances

It may seem obvious, but it can be difficult to think clearly when you’re in a hurry and feeling anxious. If you’ve been locked out of your garage, try entering through a different door to see what’s going on inside. A simple obstruction in the garage door track could be the source of the problem. The lock may be broken in some cases.

If none of these methods succeed in getting you back into your garage, contact BS Locksmith LLC. We can usually arrive in 15 to 20 minutes to assist you in unlocking your garage door.