Lock bumping is becoming more common in the United States. Burglars can purchase a low-cost item online that allows them to enter your home and leave no trace of their presence. Conventional locks may no longer be sufficient to prevent a home burglary, especially as the use of this simple method of gaining entry to your home grows. BS Locksmith LLC has some suggestions to help you protect yourself, your family, and your business from this threat. Locksmiths occasionally require a means to enter your home without damaging the lock. This is possible if you have locked yourself out. Call the Locksmith Services in Wheat Ridge to know more about lock bumping in detail.

Lock bumping is a technique that is commonly used. Bumping a lock, in contrast to the specialized equipment and knowledge required for lock picking, is a relatively simple process. It is done with a bump key, which can be ordered online, purchased at a local home improvement store, or purchased anywhere that makes keys. Every 13 seconds, a home in America is burglarized. During the day, nearly half of all break-ins occur through a standard door.

How are Locks Bumped?

Traditional locks have a safety mechanism that allows them to be bumped by inserting a bump key into the lock and striking it with a mallet or another tool. This causes the lock’s pins to move above the shear line for a long enough period of time, allowing the lock to be opened. The recent increase in lock bumping is most likely due to the act’s simplicity. All you need is the bump key, a quick tap with a sturdy object, and the ability to quickly turn the cylinder with the appropriate level of force to open the door. Save the number of Locksmith Services in Aurora, CO on your smartphone to get their 24/7 services anywhere.

Lock Bump Prevention

A locksmith can help you secure your home in a variety of ways. One option is to modify your existing locks to add more pins. Lock bumping becomes more difficult, but not impossible, as a result. It will increase the security of your home. Installing a high-security lock with a secondary “sidebar” that makes it more difficult to bump the lock open is possibly the most effective option.

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