“When should I change the locks on my house?” is one of the most frequently asked questions of a residential locksmith. This question is usually followed by a why. Even if the locks on your home are secure, there may be times when you need to replace them for your own and your family’s safety.

Here are some of the circumstances that a Residential Locksmith Services In Aurora will suggest you change the locks to your home. Call BS Locksmith LLC when it’s time to have your locks changed.

Lost Keys

We’ve all had those moments when we thought our keys were in our purse or pocket, only to discover they weren’t. Every now and then, the missing keys aren’t found. Rather than lay awake at night worrying about who may have your house keys, consider having a residential locksmith like BS Locksmith LLC come in and change the locks.

New Home

One of the first things you should do after signing a purchase agreement to buy a house is to change the locks. You have no idea who has your house keys. Every residential locksmith will advise you to change the locks as soon as possible after moving into or shortly before moving into a new home. We also provide House Lockout Services Loveland and our team is always stocked with a full line of emergency equipment for unlocking vehicles or homes.


If someone has broken into or attempted to break into your home, change the locks as soon as possible. Nothing shatters your sense of security like discovering that your safe haven isn’t as safe as you once believed. Changing and possibly upgrading the locks with a residential locksmith like BS Locksmith LLC can help return some peace of mind.

Old Home and Locks

If the house is getting old and the locks are getting old with it, you might want to consider having the locks changed for the sake of security. Keeping the same locks on a home that has been one of them for a long time is never a good idea.

Loaned a Key

Change the locks if you have loaned your key to someone. Change the locks, whether it’s a friend, a repairman, or a service provider. You have no way of knowing if someone has made a duplicate of your key.

BS Locksmith LLC: Residential Locksmiths to the Rescue

Call us if you’re not sure if you should change your locks. We’ll consult with you to determine the best course of action for your locks and home security.