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Access Control

Offering Access Control For Homes and Commercial Properties

How do you manage the security of your commercial space? In addition to property and asset protection, the safety of your people, and control of your inventory, physical security is an essential component of cybersecurity that all organizations need to manage. At BS Locksmith, our access control systems help manage and track access to your building and areas within, handled electronically and conveniently. With card access systems, people can enter and move within the building with defined limits and permissions, with quick touchless access control. Magnetic locking systems enable even busy manufacturing areas to flow smoothly while managed by door access control that protects inventory, clean rooms, laboratories, and other secure or hazardous spaces. Logged access provides accountability and tracking, and two-factor systems including fingerprint locks combined with card access and proximity sensors to secure company intellectual property, finance, and the C-suite. As your locally owned and professional locksmith service, BS Locksmith has years of experience with lock and key and electronic access control in the Aurora, CO, area. We offer 24-hour emergency service to keep your company moving.

Learn More About Building Door Access Control Systems

Keyless entry combines security and convenience, whether you use a keypad lock or card key access to your building and the spaces within. Building access for visitors can be managed using buzzer entry systems and Aiphone communication, a secure solution that allows personnel inside to screen and admit while remaining safe. Video doorbell solutions provide similar capabilities using visual instead of audio communication, perfect for sole practitioners or secure retail such as jewelers who want to stay focused while still tending to callers at the door. Access control installation can also integrate a variety of individual door solutions into a commercial access system, with keypad locks or card and badge access, even fingerprint scanners, for administration, touchless access systems for manufacturing spaces with electronic strikes from HES providing easy movement through doors when authorized. Electronic security can also do something standard locks can’t: record the time and key number each time access is attempted or gained.

Video Security for Periphery Monitoring and Door Activity Logging

Our CCTV and video IP surveillance systems provide secure, convenient monitoring of the outside of your building, external entrances and emergency exits, and secure internal access doors, augmenting the access control systems log with a video record of who gained access or left, and what they might have been carrying or who tailgated with them.

keypad lock install on a residential door (top) and commercial access control system that uses keycards for access (bottom)
Keypad lock install on a residential door (top) and a commercial access control system that uses keycards for access (bottom).

Access Control Systems Integration and Installation to High-Quality Locksmith Standards

At BS Locksmith our access control installation is performed to locksmith standards, ensuring that it’s tamper-resistant and reliable, with coordinated magnetic locking systems and electric strike installation that holds firm against unauthorized access, yet keeps your authorized employees moving and doing their jobs. We also provide alarmed exit devices that prevent casual exits and unauthorized entrance through emergency exit doors, a common security loophole even in well-planned installations. Combined with video IP surveillance, you can have the accountability you need to protect your company and also your clients’ information and materials.

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BS Locksmith provides professional access control system services, along with emergency locksmith care 24/7 for peace of mind. We can create a trusted, reliable, custom commercial access system you can count on. Call for more information today!