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Lockout Service

If You’ve Lost Your Keys or Locked Yourself Out, We Can Help

Our emergency locksmith knows that lockout situations can happen to anyone at any time, and we’re here to help. Did you lose your keys while out running errands, or did you step outside your house to get the mail and the door locked behind you? At BS Locksmith, we’re available around the clock for emergency lockout service, and we can help with stubborn or unreliable locks that have you twisting the key hard enough to break it off, or jiggling the key each time for minutes trying to get that perfect position just to open your home’s door. As your expert locksmith serving the Denver Metro area, we can help.

Our professional locksmiths have years of experience and a vehicle well-stocked with tools and parts, including high-quality hardware that we guarantee and warranty from brands like Schlage, Yale, Falcon, Kwikset, Adams Rite, Simplex, Sargent, and MarksUSA. Whether you need a replacement cylinder or a lock assembly with associated door repairs for full security, we can change the way you see your locks, and learn to trust them again. BS Locksmith offers discounts for veterans, teachers, seniors, and our valued repeat customers, along with flat rates for some services and the best prices guaranteed in Aurora, CO, around the clock.

Mobile Locksmith Services That Come to You – Car Lockout, Truck Lockout, and Semi-Truck Lockout Service

We are a mobile-only locksmith business, so when we arrive for lockout care, our vans are fully stocked and we’re prepared for full-service lockout assistance as needed. In many cases, we can solve the cause of the problem as well as get you into your home, office, or car, with lock replacement and lock repair, key duplication, and even key-cutting from scratch, making lost house keys is a non-issue. Don’t forget to get the spares you need for yourself and your family members, too. From Aurora to Arvada and Federal Heights, all around the Denver area, our mobile locksmith can get you in your car and on your way when it’s late at night and cold out, or into your home on a hot summer day. We know that when you have a baby locked in your car, or your dog is inside and the temperature rising, a reliable locksmith is essential if your keys are missing or don’t work.

When Getting Locked Out Can Cost You Business

It’s easy enough to leave your business keys on the table when you head off to open up in the morning. Your customers are arriving, they need to shop or they have appointments. Actually, you’re not quite sure where the keys might be. Our mobile emergency locksmith service can unlock your business and get your day started, even making new keys until you find the missing ones. If they don’t turn up, let us rekey the lock for security as well. Locks are for your security — when they give you stress, let us take care of you.

Picking locks on a car door (top) and a commercial-grade deadbolt (bottom)
We’re here for all your lockout situations including unlocking automotive door locks when you’ve locked your keys inside (top) and unlocking all types of residential and commercial locks including deadbolts (bottom).
Car locksmith tools
Locked out of your car? We can pick and decode your locks. We’ll come to you and we’re highly rated.

Your Mobile Car Lockout Service for Around the Clock Locksmith Care

You never know when you’ll have problems that result in a lockout. Lost keys, broken keys, jammed locks, and other problems are part of our expert solution-oriented local locksmith business. We can also help prevent lockouts with spare keys and lock repairs. Call us today at 720-372-8577!

We Provide Specialized Lock Picking Services Without Damaging Your Door Locks

BS Locksmith offers professional lockout services for cars in Aurora, Colorado, and the surrounding areas. Our highly trained team utilizes specialized tools, including Lishi picks, to safely and efficiently unlock vehicles without causing any damage. With our expertise, you can trust us to handle your car’s lockout situation with precision and care. In addition to unlocking services, we also provide the convenience of on-site key cutting, enabling us to create a brand-new car key for you while we’re there. By choosing BS Locksmith, you not only save valuable time but also ensure a cost-effective solution to your car lockout needs.