Locksmith Advice: What Is Lock Bumping?

You’ve probably heard of “lock bumping,” the most sensational home break-in craze since lockpicking, according to the local Henny Penny news. The idea is that because most homes still use traditional cylinder locks, they are easily compromised. The would-be robber would essentially insert a specially cut lock into the keyhole and then hit the key with a mallet or blunt force. The force would cause the pins to move closer to the shear line, allowing the key to turn the lock and open the door. If you’re concerned your property might somehow fall prey to the bump key, you should reach out to our locksmith services team to schedule a security consultation for your business or home in Aurora.

Bumping Keys

Do you wonder if these robbers are actually skilled locksmiths attempting to create a key that will open any lock? It’s actually a lot easier than that. It’s been around since 2002, but it wasn’t invented by some evil genius, so you can certainly outwit the trend with a little elbow grease and a concern for the security of your property. Our Aurora residential locksmith team are experts who can help with any key-related issues.

What is a Bump Key?

Bump keys are unusual. If someone is determined to break into your home, they are more likely to have a slew of bump keys. This is due to the fact that the bump key must be the same size as your actual key. While there are several standard key sizes, narrowing down the specific size can be more difficult than it appears. After the initial bump, the key will have a slew of ridges cut to the maximum depth, allowing the pins to slide past with ease. Surprisingly, because more expensive newer locks are cut more precisely, bumping actually works better on them than on older, less expensive locks.

Prevent Lock Bumping with BS Locksmith LLC

Schedule a consultation with BS Locksmith LLC to assess your current security system’s vulnerability to a break-in. We may recommend that you install a variety of chain latches on your door, or we may look into modifying your existing locks by creating a different pin system. If we believe that installing bump-proof locks would benefit you, we will certainly point you in that direction and provide you with a variety of options to help you navigate your own security with ease.

Do you want to have complete control and security at your fingertips at all times? Contact us to learn more about installing a keyless entry system to protect what’s important to you. Contact our BS Locksmith LLC to learn more about your lock needs and whether lock bumping is common in your area today.