Should you replace a lost key or rekey a lock?

Should I replace the locks or rekey them?

This question usually arises after a person has misplaced the key to their home. People may consider rekeying or replacing a lock if they have recently moved into a new home and are unsure who else has the key to their front doors, or if they want to withdraw access from someone who has a key to the apartment or office.

If you no longer trust the security of your locks, should you replace the entire lock or rekey the old one by replacing some of its components?

When confronted with this situation, most people opt for a complete lock replacement. The first reason they do this is because they are unaware that rekeying is an option, according to experts from Locksmith Services in Wheat Ridge. Because rekeying a lock is less expensive than replacing it, the locksmith makes less money when rekeying a lock. Second, even when people are aware that they can rekey a lock, they are skeptical of the rekeyed lock’s security.

What exactly does “rekeying” a lock imply?

Rekeying a lock is the straightforward process of creating a new key for an existing lock. You can keep using the old lock after rekeying, but the old keys will no longer open it. To rekey a lock, Denver Locksmith Services disassembles it and replaces some of the internal pins with new ones.

When should you rekey a lock?

When the only thing that matters is how many people have copies of the key. For example, when you move into a new home or rental when your keys are lost or stolen, or when you want to prevent unauthorized access. When you want to save money while maintaining the security of your locks. Key pins are very inexpensive; typically, you will only need to pay for labor to rekey a lock. When you want to match a single key to multiple locks. That is, you want to be able to open all of the bolts with a single key. When you need to regain control of the security of your home or office quickly.

When should you replace a lock?

You’ve had a break-in, and the lock’s security has been compromised.

The locks in a house are either worn out or do not match the style and design of the house. Or perhaps you want all of your locks to be the same style and design. You want to upgrade the locks in your home and office to newer, more secure models, such as electronic locks, to improve the security of your home and office. You’d like your locks to work with a single key, but this isn’t possible because they’re from different manufacturers. As a result, you’d like to replace the locks with one brand that uses a similar keyway.

BS Locksmith LLC provides both types of services – any types of locks change and rekeying existing ones.